Student testimonials

XU SHUNING, CHINA                                                             AEIS 2014, ORCHID PARK SECONDARY SCHOOL, Secondary 3 (2015) 

"Zhicheng has not only been an enrichment centre which assisted me in passing AEIS and entering a Singapore government school, but also gave me the sense of home where I learnt to grow up and cooperate with my ‘siblings’ and where I was well-cared for by my ‘parents’. Zhicheng is the platform and bridge which connects my past learning experience with my newly begun learning journey; my first steps into the harmonious society of Singapore."

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Sitthiset Tianthongdee, Thailand                                   AEIS 2014, St. Andrew’s Secondary School, secondary 2 (2015) 


"First of all, Zhicheng Private School (Zhicheng) is the only place where my English has improved so immensely. I was very fortunate to have experienced and knowledgeable teachers.  It requires sheer determination and patience. Besides, hard work will always pay off consequently." 

 Indra Liusuari, Indonesia                                                AEIS 2014, Manjusri Secondary School,  Secondary 2 (2015)


"Zhicheng Private School (Zhicheng) is not just an ordinary school; it is a place which improves its students’ English and Mathematics problem solving skills. At Zhicheng, I also had the chance to learn the languages, culture and customs of other countries. If you persevere and are serious about studying in Singapore, you are guaranteed to pass the exams."

Zhu Manqing, China                                                          AEIS 2014, CHIJ Katong Convent, secondary 2 (2015) 


"I passed my AEIS Exam on the first try and I could not have done it without the help of Zhicheng. We practised a lot in preparation for studying in government schools. I read many essays in the Zhicheng essay booklets and I now find this very useful in my studies in a government school."

Gilbert Lienardy, Indonesia                                             AEIS 2014, St Gabriel’s Secondary School, Seconday 2 (2015) 


"It is clear that the knowledge and education provided by the teachers in Zhicheng was not in vain, as more than half of the Secondary 2 students passed the AEIS and got into Government schools. I am thrilled to be one of them, and I am proud and happy to have studied in Zhicheng."   

Emelia Klarissa Saharprawira, Indonesia                   AEIS 2014, New Town Secondary School, Secondary 2 (2015)  


"Zhicheng Private School (Zhicheng) is a place that truly enriches its students with a lot of knowledge. The teachers and staff in Zhicheng are really kind and caring. They treat all students fairly, which makes us feel comfortable and at ease.  They provided me with guidelines and strategies on how to approach each kind of essay topic, which were very helpful."

Sapphira Kirana Adwitiya, Indonesia                           AEIS 2014, Serangoon Garden Secondary School,   secondary 3 (2015)


"Zhicheng has allowed me to meet excellent teachers, meet wonderful new friends, and experience new things in my studies. Zhicheng has given me an excellent education and many unforgettable experiences that I will always keep in my heart as priceless memories. To me, all Zhicheng students, teachers and staff are one whole big family."  

Tri Yulianni Basukie, Indonesia                                       AEIS 2014, Deyi Secondary School, Secondary 2 (2015)


"Zhicheng Private School (Zhicheng) is one of the best schools that I have ever studied in. Because of studying in Zhicheng, I got to continue my studies. The teachers in Zhicheng are experienced, patient, and friendly. Yes, they give us plenty of exercises, but this helps us to learn new vocabulary and simultaneously improves our English, which is very useful when we get into government schools. Without the help of Zhicheng, I would not have passed my AEIS. Thank you Zhicheng!"

WU QIQI, CHINA                                                                       O-LEVEL 2014, SERANGOON GARDEN JUNIOR COLLEGE, Junior College 1 (2015)


"When I first came to Zhicheng, I felt homesick and couldn't get used to the new and unfamiliar environment. Because of that, I was too shy to talk to the people around me even though I am normally a very outgoing girl. Every day I just wanted to end school early so I could go back to my hostel to rest. However, with the help from the teachers and classmates, I started to talk more. I am really grateful that I have chosen Zhicheng and it has become an unforgettable experience in my life."