Student testimonials


Liu Zeting, China hebei                                                                                AEIS 2017, haig girls' school, Primary 4  (2018)


I have learnt a lot over the years in Zhicheng. I am very glad that I passed my AEIS. The principal, the students and the teachers encouraged me a lot. I would like to thank everyone who encouraged me. I want to thank my English teachers, Mr Gasper and Mr Yip. They asked me to practice a lot; that is why I improved. I also want to thank my Math teacher. Whenever I had difficulties in Math, she would teach me.For those who failed, don’t be depressed. Try harder the next time.

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Isabelle liew yu chen, malaysia                                                             AEIS 2017, haig girls' school, Primary 5  (2018)


The first time I took the S-AEIS, I failed. I was disappointed in myself. After my mother told me about Zhicheng, I looked forward to studying here. At first, I wasn’t very good in English nor Math. I had a lot to catch up on. Thanks to my English teachers – Mr Gasper, Mr Yip, Mr Ransford and Mr Zuraidi - and my Maths teachers, Ms Judy Lee and Ms Lian, I managed to catch up and improved a lot.

I also passed because I studied and prepared for it. In my first attempt, I didn’t study much and I wasn’t prepared. My advice: know why you failed and don’t make the same mistakes again; learn from your mistakes; work hard and don’t give up. After working hard for what you want, you can then finally relax. Failure is not something that will last forever. Work hard and believe in yourself.


Law Hao Fan, malaysia                                                                         AEIS 2017, opera estate primary school, Primary 5  (2018)


My name is Law Hao Fan. I am from Malaysia. My mother’s friend introduced Zhicheng to us. When I first came to Singapore, my English was very weak. After I had studied in this school for some time, my English improved. In one year, I successfully passed the AEIS exam and enrolled in a government school.
Thank you, Zhicheng and Teachers!


bi Fei, China gansu                                                                                      AEIS 2017, tampines north primary school, Primary 5  (2018)


I was lucky to have the opportunity to study in Zhicheng in Singapore. I learnt a lot at the school.  My teachers are very enthusiastic and patient: Mr Gasper was very strict but he encouraged me a lot. My Math teacher Miss Judy taught me many important concepts. I like all my teachers at Zhicheng.


alexander sebastian, Indonesia                                                             s-AEIS 2017, st. gabriel's secondary School, secondary 1 (2017)


"Zhicheng Private School is amazing. The teachers, the education; everything is great, although it was tough when I first arrived here. When I failed my first AEIS, I felt burdened and thought that I had disappointed my parents. I didn’t know what I should do then. I wondered if they were going to be mad at me. Those of you who had failed before, don’t worry. Try again. I recommend Zhicheng to everyone."

james peter halim, indonesia                                                                 s-AEIS 2017, st. gabriel's secondary School, secondary 1 (2017) 


"Before coming to Zhicheng, I found learning English very difficult. Similarly, I found Mathematics very difficult at first, but the teacher was very patient in guiding me. Since arriving here, I have improved tremendously in English, and I passed my S-AEIS on my second try. The teachers in Zhicheng were very helpful. I would like to thank my teachers Ms Soh, Ms Tan L.M. and Mr Gasper for helping me in my English!"

Wang Ruiduan.JPG

wang ruiduan, china hebei                                                                      s-AEIS 2017, hai sing catholic, secondary 1 (2017)


"My English has improved a lot over the one year I studied in Zhicheng Private School. I am very glad that I have passed my S-AEIS. Zhicheng helped me a lot in my studies and I would like to thank the school."


17-041  Liu Ning.jpg

LIu Ning, china liaoning                                                                           s-AEIS 2017, pasir ris crest secondary School, secondary 1 (2017)


"I learnt many things during my time in Zhicheng Private School. My English has improved a lot and the quality of my essays has also improved. In school, I made many friends and we learnt together. I think I will never forget them. One piece of advice that can help you to pass the exam - work hard."  

16-033& 127 Guan Ziwen (wAngela).jpg

guan ziwen, china shandong                                                                 s-AEIS 2017, tampines SECOnDARY SCHOOL, secondary 2 (2017) 


"Luckily, I entered Room 3, the best class in the school. Every student in the class was diligent and concentrated hard on their work. Gradually, I started to change my attitude towards my studies, thanks to my teacher, Mr Gasper. He helped me to improve my vocabulary and grammar, and also encouraged and pushed me to achieve better grades. During my time in his class, I could see an obvious improvement in my studies. Every month, my test marks increased!"    

 yu shing chi, hong kong                                                                        s-aeis 2017, bedok view secondary school, secondary 2 (2017)


"Zhicheng is a wonderful school. I have learnt a tremendous amount due to the conducive learning environment there. My teachers’ encouragement after I had attempted the AEIS for the first time and failed spurred me on to be more industrious, and I put copious amounts of time and effort into improving my English and Maths. In addition, I made numerous friends from other countries. Through communicating with them, my command of English has improved. I had a great time here!"    

zheng yuchen, china hebei                                                                        s-AEIS 2017, bedok view secondary School, secondary 2 (2017)


"I greatly appreciate all that my teachers have taught me. They are highly proficient in the subjects they teach. This, combined with my enthusiasm for their lessons, helped me to catch up and close the gap between my standard and the AEIS standards. Now that I have made it into a government school, I know that it will continue to be an arduous journey.  Nevertheless, I will not yield or surrender easily. I am truly very thankful to have enrolled in Zhicheng Private School."

wang boyuan, CHINA hebei                                                                        S-AEIS 2017, bedok green Secondary School, SECondary 2 (2017)


"The teachers in this school are kind and helpful, especially Mr Gasper. He taught me how to improve myself and changed my attitude to learning. I learnt many things in the six months although it was very tiring and hard. Anyway, I’m glad to have studied in Zhicheng Private School, which is a milestone of my life." 

17-042 Zhou zhiyan.jpeg

zhou zhiyan, CHINA zhejiang                                                                  s-AEIS 2017, bedok view secondary school, secondary 2 (2017)      

"I have been studying in Zhicheng for about four months. Although I only had two months to prepare for the S-AEIS, I passed my exams because of my hard work. I was extremely excited when I received my results."        

Bai yongrui, CHINA jiangsu                                                                      s-AEIS 2017, bedok green secondary school, secondary 2 (2017)    

"Coming to Singapore and studying in Zhicheng have been my wisest decisions as I improved a lot in just two months. Now, I have graduated from Zhicheng and will go to a government school. I want to thank the teachers in Zhicheng for their patience with me whenever I faced problems."      

shi haobo, CHINA liaoning                                                                        s-AEIS 2017, pasir ris crest secondary school, secondary 2 (2017)


"I first took the AEIS in September 2016. However, I could not understand the questions then. After that, I came to Zhicheng and spent seven months preparing for my S-AEIS in February 2017. The lessons in Zhicheng were easy to understand and the teachers were friendly. The students in Zhicheng were friendly, and liked to help each other. I had a very good time in Zhicheng."      

17-102 & 103 Jennifer Natasha.jpg

jennifer natasha, indonesia                                                                 AEIS 2017, changkat changi secondary School, secondary 2 (2018)


I am proud to be a student from Zhicheng, because it is a place that holds a lot of memories for me. In Zhicheng, I learnt a lot and made many friends. I had a good time studying there with my friends.  I am really grateful to my teachers, who have helped me a lot in English and Mathematics. I want to thank Mr Gasper, because he taught me a lot of methods for learning English, and I improved a lot through these useful methods. All in all, I found studying at Zhicheng very helpful. I wish all future students good luck, and hope they will pass the AEIS!


angelyn boonlertsap, thailand                                                          AEIS 2017, hougang secondary School, secondary 2 (2018)


In my opinion, Zhicheng is a place where I have learnt many things. When I first came to study here, I could hardly understand English and Mathematics. I did not know how to even write an essay nor solve Math questions. It was tough for me. But thanks to all the teachers and staff here, they tried in many ways to make me understand better. I really appreciate their hard work.

My main reason for coming here was because of my brother. He had passed the AEIS on the first attempt and has now graduated from high school. He is studying in the UK. I wanted to be successful like him. In reality, the AEIS test was not as easy as I had expected. I failed the test twice and had almost given up. However, the teachers did not give up on me. They encouraged me to keep on going, and forget the bad memories. With my best effort and belief, I finally passed the test on my third try.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the teachers, staff, headmaster and the friends I have made in this foreign country again for giving me wonderful memories in Zhicheng. I hope that future students who study here will be successful like me.


yos chanraksa, cambodia                                                                   AEIS 2017, guangyang secondary School, secondary 2 (2018)


To me, Zhicheng has been much more than an education centre. I was very fortunate to have experienced and knowledgeable teachers such as Mr Gasper and Ms Swee, who made great sacrifices to help me and other students become good in English and Mathematics. I would like to show my appreciation to all the other teachers too.

Nevertheless, having good teachers is not enough to make one a great student. It comes from you. It requires sheer determination and patience. Besides, hard work will always pay off. During my time in Zhicheng, I encountered many difficulties and challenges which contributed to my courage and determination to pass the exam. It has been my pleasure to have had a learning journey with Zhicheng. Without the help of the school, I would not have come this far. Thank you, Zhicheng!


evelyn valerina saharprawira, indonesia                                         AEIS 2017, new town secondary School, secondary 2 (2018)


To me, Zhicheng is the perfect place to study. All the teachers encourage their students wholeheartedly, and keep pushing us until we improve. I want to thank all my teachers especially Mr Gasper, Ms Soh and Ms Swee who patiently taught me English and Math from the very beginning.  

During my time in Zhicheng, I had so much fun in learning and socializing with others. I would say that this school is a very good school. I would recommend the school to everyone who wants to learn and excel in their studies. I hope that Zhicheng will continue to help students prepare for their AEIS, just like how it helped me to pass my AEIS.


justin liew chun ping, malaysia                                                              AEIS 2017, bedok view secondary school, secondary 2 (2018)


When I first came to Zhicheng, everything was difficult. I had difficulty understanding what the teacher wanted me to do, settling into the school, and most importantly, making friends.

Finally, I started to settle in and made a lot of friends. Though life in Singapore was not easy, and I had failed the AEIS once before, I was not eager to fail again. In the end, my hard work paid off, and I got into a government school. I would like to thank Mr Gasper, Mr Yip, Mr Zuraidi, Mr Ransford, Mr Cheng, Mr Thomas, Ms Rona, Ms Swee, Ms Lian, Ms Tan, and all my friends for supporting me all this time!


zheng ning,  china fujian                                                                  AEIS 2017, regent secondary School, secondary 2 (2018)


At Zhicheng, I learnt a lot of English and Mathematics. My principal, English teacher Mr Gasper, and Math teacher Ms Swee always encouraged everyone to study hard. Through Mr Gasper’s class, I became able to read and write. He is an excellent teacher, and I am glad that I was one of his students. I will never forget him.

Zhai Yuxin.JPG

zhai yuxin, china jiangsu                                                                     AEIS 2017, bedok green secondary school, secondary 2 (2018)


During my time at Zhicheng, I not only improved my English scores, but also made a lot of new friends. The students help each other and learn together to make progress. Teachers are very willing to help students improve their performance; they patiently give us answers to difficult problems, and make detailed comments on our homework. I really like the environment at Zhicheng, and thank the teachers and staff for their help.


chen yaowen, china guangdong                                                          AEIS 2017, monfort secondary school, secondary 2 (2018)


“The secret to reaching success is putting in pure effort and persistence.”

Having found out that I had successfully passed the AEIS this September, I am happy and looking forward to life in secondary school. I was posted to Montfort Secondary. The first time I took my DT in Zhicheng, I got very low marks. Instead of becoming depressed, I worked hard to improve on my weak points in English and Mathematics. I consulted many teachers who are dedicated and willing to answer my questions. I am especially grateful to Ms Chang and Mr Tan, who helped me a lot in writing and vocabulary. After putting in a lot of effort, my subjects improved by leaps and bounds.

The friendly aunties and uncles were kind to me, and did their best to solve the problems we students had. All in all, I have so much gratitude towards all my teachers, friends and staff in this school!


zuo yuning, china zhejiang                                                                  AEIS 2017, whitley secondary school, secondary 2 (2018)


When I first came to Singapore, I was not sure whether I could succeed; and when I took my AEIS, I had only been studying at Zhicheng for less than a month. Even though I did not think I could make it, I met very friendly teachers. Nonetheless, they were demanding, and they helped me a lot. Students were free to communicate with them and they would answer all our questions, no matter how silly they might seem. Now I am also well prepared for secondary school life.  Thank you, Zhicheng!

17-179   Chen Zhuoxuan.jpg

chen zhuoxuan, china guangdong                                                      AEIS 2017, manjusri secondary school, secondary 2 (2018)


I am glad I had chosen Zhicheng in the first place. Despite having only studied at the school for two months, I have improved a lot. The experienced teachers and quality learning environment helped me. My English improved by leaps and bounds. I can barely believe the speed at which I had learnt.

Nevertheless, studying in school is not enough to succeed. The formula for me is what everybody says – hard work. The school cannot force one to learn and the teachers cannot always be around you. You need to depend on yourself too. Whether it’s memorizing vocabulary or practicing speaking English, as long as you put in effort, I believe you can eventually reach your goal.


vincent santiago, indonesia                                                            AEIS 2017, junyuan secondary School, secondary 3 (2018)


On my first day in Zhicheng, I thought that it would be very boring. But after getting to know some of the students there, the lessons eventually became more and more fun and exciting. I would like to thank my teachers, especially Mr Gasper and Mr Zuraidi, for helping me make a dramatic improvement in my English. I would really recommend Zhicheng to all my friends in Indonesia who want to prepare for their AEIS or S-AEIS.


xu yixuan, china zhejiang                                                                 AEIS 2017, yio chu kang secondary school, secondary 3 (2018)


I came to Zhicheng in March. At first, I kept failing the English tests. But thanks to the school and my family’s encouragement, I managed to catch up after struggling for months.

Studying in Room 3 and 6 is very enjoyable; thanks to Mr Gasper, Mr Zuraidi, Mr Ransford and Ms Rona. I am grateful that all the staff also supported me in my studies. And of course, I would like to thank my family for providing me the chance to come to Singapore. 

Now that I have passed my AEIS, I don't regret coming to Zhicheng, or coming to Singapore! 


17-028a Qu Tianjiao.JPG

qu tianjiao, china heilongjiang                                                            AEIS 2017, loyang secondary school, secondary 3 (2018)


I am exhilarated to know that I have finally passed the AEIS. During my six months at Zhicheng, I have improved a lot in both my writing and speaking skills. I feel immensely grateful to my dedicated teachers who encouraged me through those tough days. Without them, I could not have become who I am today.