Student testimonials

Liu Yueqi.jpg

Liu Yueqi, China Guangdong

St. Anthony's Canossian Primary School , Primary 2, AEIS 2018 (2019)

When I first arrived at Zhicheng, I was very nervous. My writing was terrible. I did not know anyone, but I became friends with my classmates later. At first there were only two of us, then the class grew. I passed my AEIS and have been posted to St. Anthony’s Canossian Primary School. 

Westley Tristan Wijaya.JPG

Westley Tristan Wijaya, Indonesia 

Opera Estate Primary,Primary 4,S-AEIS 2018  (2018)


Zhicheng Private School is the best. I would like to thank the school for supporting me in passing the S-AEIS, and I would like to thank my English and Math teachers, Mrs Tan L.M., Ms Soh and Ms Lian.

Chen Zhiyu.jpg

Chen zhiyu, china shanghai

kranji Primary school, Primary 5, aeis 2018 (2019)


I joined Zhicheng in January this year, and I have learnt a lot here. When I first came to the school, my English was very poor. I scored the lowest marks in class. I want to thank the teachers who have taught me, especially Mr Gasper and Mr Zuraidi. When I was promoted to Room 3, I was very scared. The work was difficult and I almost gave up. With the help of my teachers and parents, however, I managed to improve. So, never give up on yourself - you will succeed one day!

Sui Ziqian.jpg

sui ziqian, China guangdong

naval base primary school, Primary 5, aeis 2018 (2019)


I have studied in Zhicheng for almost one year, and it has been the most memorable time for me. I want to thank Ms Angela who encouraged me to read aloud; Ms Soh who helped me a lot in my work; and Mr Gasper who encouraged me to answer questions in class. I will remember my time in Zhicheng forever. 

William Ongko Saputra.JPG

william ongko saputra, Indonesia      

broadrick secondary School, secondary 1, S-aeis 2018 (2018)


I was very lucky to have experienced and knowledgeable teachers such as Mr Gasper and Mr Zuraidi. They kept pushing me to work hard, and helped me to improve. My English improved rapidly after I’d met them. But having experienced teachers is not enough, one must be willing to work. Hard work will not fail you.

Aurie Kisanaga.JPG

aurie kisanaga, indonesia

yuying secondary School, secondary 1, s-aeis 2018 (2019) 


I do not regret spending four months studying in Zhicheng. Friendly staff, classmates and teachers supported me every day. I want to thank the teachers in Zhicheng. When I first came here, I did not know how to write a composition. Mr Gasper encouraged me to write more, and his advice helped me to pass the exam. I have had a wonderful time in Zhicheng. 

Su En-chi.jpg

su en-qi, taiwan

broadrick secondary school, secondary 1, aeis 2018 (2019)


When I first came to Zhicheng, I felt very nervous about speaking to people from other countries, due to all the different languages that they spoke. However, I found my confidence in English at this school, and started conversing with my classmates in English. After spending 6 months here, I now know their cultures better, and have made many friends.  Of course, my English skills have also become much better due to the teaching skills of my teachers, and the learning environment at Zhicheng.

Thinzar Lin Htet.JPG

thinzar lin htet, myanmar

St. Anthony's Canossian secondary School , secondary 2, s-AEIS 2018 (2018)


I am really thrilled to have chosen Zhicheng to prepare for the S-AEIS. I only had two months to prepare for the test, and my Maths was weak. But thanks to my Maths teacher, Ms Swee, I have improved a lot, and was able to pass the S-AEIS. I also want to thank Mr Gasper, who patiently taught me English, and Mr Ransford, who encouraged me a lot. Lastly, I would like to thank Zhicheng for providing such a good learning experience. 

Vuong Quan Kiet.jpg

vuong quan kiet, vietnam

yishun sECOnDARY SCHOOL, secondary 2, aeis 2018 (2019) 


I was filled with joy when I heard that I had passed the AEIS exam. This small achievement was a big milestone for me as I came from an International School. Although I did not pass on my first try, I succeeded on my second after I came to Zhicheng to polish up my skills.
Thus I would recommend Zhicheng to students who are preparing for the AEIS/S-AEIS test. It not only helps you to build up your skills but also prepares you well. I have had a wonderful time here with my friends and teachers, and I am thankful for the support they have given me. Mr Gasper, Mr Zur, Ms Chew and Mr Francis have not only helped me prepare for my AEIS, but have also taught me valuable life lessons.
Overall, this school is an amazing school that has brightened my future. I wish the best of luck to those who will follow in my footsteps at Zhicheng.

Wan Xi.jpg

wan xi, china beijing      

broadrick secondary school, secondary 2, aeis 2018 (2019)


I’m glad to have studied in Zhicheng, and I have enjoyed many wonderful experiences here. I met many good teachers, especially Mr Zur - I like his style of teaching which is humorous and energetic. I want to thank all my teachers for taking care of me, and I also want to thank my friends who have accompanied and supported me all the way. I will never forget my memories of studying here, and I’m truly grateful to all my teachers. I hope more students will come to Zhicheng!

Li Haoyuan.jpg

li haoyuan,  china fujian   

damai secondary School, secondary 3, aeis 2018 (2019)


At Zhicheng, I learnt a lot of English and Mathematics. My principal, English teacher Mr Gasper, and Math teacher Ms Swee always encouraged everyone to study hard. Through Mr Gasper’s class, I became able to read and write. He is an excellent teacher, and I am glad that I was one of his students. I will never forget him.