Director's Message

Zhicheng Private School celebrates its 16th year of operations in 2018.


As we look back to our humble origins, my staff and I are grateful to the parents who have placed their trust, and their children, in our school,  including the parents of past and current students who are among our strongest advocates and most influential publicists. 

Zhicheng exists as a stepping stone for foreign students to gain entry into government schools in Singapore and post-secondary education institutions around the world. We immerse students in an English-speaking environment and prepare them for important examinations such as the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) tests, the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) examinations, as well as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examinations.

At Zhicheng, students will not only acquire the necessary academic knowledge to pass their examinations, but they will also be taught good study habits and values that will mould their character.

Over the years, we have developed our own course materials and tests. Our English Diagnostic Test provides students with a realistic assessment of their English proficiency by Singapore standards, and provides us with useful data to chart their education pathways. We have also recruited and retained effective teachers to work with us.

Many generations of students have passed through our hands. They have gone on to succeed in government schools, junior colleges, polytechnics and universities. We invite you, too, to send your child to study with us.

We wish you and your child a successful and fulfiling learning journey. 


Tan Yi Seng                                                                                                                               Founder-Director