Student testimonials


Westley Tristan wijaya, indonesia,                                                     S-AEIS 2018, opera Estate primary school, Primary 4  (2018) 


“Zhicheng Private School is the best. I would like to thank the school for supporting me in passing the S-AEIS, and I would like to thank my English and Math teachers, Mrs Tan L.M.,      Ms Soh and Ms Lian.”


william ongko saputra, indonesia,                                                       s-AEIS 2018, broadrick secondary school, secondary 1 (2018)


“I was very lucky to have experienced and knowledgeable teachers such as Mr Gasper and    Mr Zuraidi. They kept pushing me to work hard, and helped me to improve. My English  improved rapidly after I’d met them. But having experienced teachers is not enough, one must be willing to work. Hard work will not fail you.”


aurie kisanaga, indonesia                                                                        S-AEIS 2018, yuying secondary school, secondary 1 (2018)


“I do not regret spending four months studying in Zhicheng.  Friendly staff, classmates and teachers supported me every day.   I want to thank the teachers in Zhicheng. When I first came here, I did not know how to write a composition. Mr Gasper encouraged me to write more, and his advice helped me to pass the exam. I have had a wonderful time in Zhicheng. ”


thinzar Lin htet, myanmar                                                                        S-aeis 2018, St. anthony's canossian secondary school, secondary 2 (2018)  


“I am really thrilled to have chosen Zhicheng to prepare for the S-AEIS. I only had two months to prepare for the test, and my Maths was weak. But thanks to my Maths teacher, Ms Swee, I have improved a lot, and was able to pass the S-AEIS.  I also want to thank Mr Gasper, who patiently taught me English, and Mr Ransford, who encouraged me a lot. Lastly, I would like to thank Zhicheng for providing such a good learning experience.”


tai yi-hsuan, taiwan                                                                                  s-AEIS 2018, eunos primary school, primary 4 (2018)


"When I was faced with the S-AEIS test, I felt very nervous. It was my teacher -- Mr Zuraidi, who taught me the correct study method and helped me plan my studies. I am very thankful for all that Zhicheng did for me."


chu wangxihan, china jiangsu                                                              s-AEIS 2018, fengshan primary school, primary 4 (2018)


"I spent a very long period in Zhicheng. All the teachers in Zhicheng are very kind and helpful, especially Mr. Gasper. Without him, I would not be able to write in proper English. In his class, I improved a lot, and he is the best teacher I had come across. He has helped me a lot."



wang zixiao, china zhejiang                                                                 s-AEIS 2018, manjusri secondary school, secondary 2 (2018)


"At first when I came to Zhicheng, I was very introverted, and avoided communicating with my classmates in English. I was always distracted, and usually kept silent in class. In the end, I failed my first attempt at the AEIS.  After experiencing failure once, I entered Mr Gasper’s class. He encouraged me to answer actively, and the atmosphere in class was great as my classmates were all very enthusiastic. Eventually, I passed my S-AEIS in 2018 and I feel very thankful to all my teachers and classmates in Zhicheng."


zhang chunyang, china jiangsu                                                            s-AEIS 2018, st. hilda's secondary school, secondary 2 (2018)


"When I first came to Zhicheng, my English was very weak. But my English has improved a lot in only half a year. I am very happy that I have passed the S-AEIS. All the teachers here are very responsible and I want to thank all of them. It was really the right decision to study in Zhicheng."